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Modernized Health Plans in 2020 Can Save You Thousands

Updated: May 14, 2020

Have you heard of direct primary care? If not you are missing out on potential massive healthcare savings. Direct primary care is a modernized form of healthcare where the provider works directly for the patient instead of the insurance company.

Your doctor is often available at times you would normally have to visit an ER or Urgent Care center which are a lot more expensive. Additionally you will often have your provider's personal cell number with the ability to get medical advice over the phone or via telemedicine which could save you unnecessary trips to a clinic or hospital. You will no longer have to worry about how many visits you can have with your provider or whether you will get a surprise bill later.

How Can You Save Money with Direct Primary Care?

Many people who take advantage of direct primary care health plans can reduce their traditional health insurance plans down to the bare minimum to cover costly procedures, tests, or catastrophic events. This saves money typically wasted every month on costly health insurance premiums.

People Who Are Uninsured or Self-Employed Should Get a DPC Health Plan

Paying out of pocket each time you need to see a Doctor can add up quickly with an average of $150-$400 per visit. Add on the costs of additional tests, procedures, and medications and you will easily understand why one of the highest reasons for bankruptcy in America is from accumulating medical debt. Having a DPC health plan keeps healthcare costs low and predictable.

Patients Are More Satisfied With DPC

In addition to saving money, patients report being more satisfied with the quality of care received from the direct primary care model. This is because providers do not have to see the large number of patients that are needed in a traditional practice because of low insurance reimbursement rates and the costs associated with having to bill the insurance. The healthcare provider also doesn't have to worry about rationing care, avoiding certain therapies out of fear that insurance won't pay, or needing to triple or quadruple appointments just to cover their overhead expenses.

Where Can I Sign Up or Learn More About Direct Primary Care?

Jones Concierge Health and Wellness offers direct primary care health plans in addition to concierge health services. House calls and virtual visits are available so patients don't have to leave home to recieve care. Visit or email to get started.

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